We at Families on the Home Front understand the benefits of keeping a family healthy and happy while in transition. Our efforts are divided into Operation Dandelion Kids - an initiative designed to help military families thrive in their unique circumstances and Parenting on The Home Front - a fresh approach to parenting relevant to today’s families.

We’re families like yours and we invite you to share in our efforts. We’re in this together!

Education Advocacy

Operation Dandelion Kids empowers today’s military families to advocate for their children’s educational needs. We provide information and ideas on how to make a child’s transition to a new school successful.

We also provide tips and activities to encourage educators to celebrate the uniqueness of military kids and to understand their specific needs.

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Parenting Strategies

Parenting on the Home Front provides families with information they need to raise capable, confident children and build strong family relationships.

Here you will find parenting strategies for all stages of your child’s life, activities that strengthen family bonds and the latest research in child development.

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From the Blog


Want to make the transition to a new school seamless? Want to better connect with your military students? Interested in a more organized, efficient and happy household? Need to find common ground with your children on daily obstacles? We can help you learn specific strategies that are practical and easy to implement. These proven tools will help your children build self-confidence and your students feel supported and connected.

We’re in this together!

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